Volunteer Corner

BLAIR Volunteers are the BEST!

We take great pride in our amazing community of volunteers who are the backbone of our event! Some of you have been coming back to Blair for a number of years now. Your positive energy, passion, engagement and dedication make it all happen.

Thank you for your dedication to volunteering at Blair Horse Trials!

If you need any inspiration or encouragement, we’ve compiled a bit of a ‘yearbook’ from previous events. Have a read and we’re sure you’ll want to be part of this fantastic bunch!


We have volunteered for a few years now and every year we bring along more and more friends, some of them now volunteer too.

We always have a great time and we love being able to help, we have many a funny story to share, the most memorable was the year of HRH’s visit.

I was asked to help secure the gate that her car was to enter through, (it wasn’t but that’s what security told everyone). It was a makeshift barrier and we had a gate to allow VIP’s and staff through, we were told in no uncertain terms no-one without a pass was to enter this area.

So when a man pushed himself through a small gap behind us and started off towards the seating area, I was like a whippet ( I must explain I am a middle-aged, slightly cuddly woman!) I made after him and shouted in a voice as commanding as I could muster to stop right there and to get himself back out of the area. He turned, just before I went in for a rugby tackle, and told me he was authorised to be there. I asked to see his pass. He didn’t have one. So I and now several of my fellow volunteers escorted him to the gate, as the growing crowd of keen Royal fans watched on. I was shaking but very proud of myself, that I had stopped a threat to the Queen… Several minutes later I was to discover that the man was in fact Head of the Security!

Embarrassed I apologised but he took it all well and said he was impressed and I had done the right thing. But I bet he won’t forget his badge again in a hurry!

Claire I have some fantastic memories from my 4 years of volunteering at Blair! Here is the 6 of us having a rest after a volunteer session and ‘on duty’ at a spectators crossing point


I’ve volunteered at Blair since 2011.

My fondest memory is from a few years ago.  I was given the job of country course walk manager (along with my friend Lyndsay Booth).  I was very excited at the idea of meeting some famous eventers (Sir Mark Todd and Mary King were two of them that year!)  everything had been going great and Lyndsay and I had quite a system going.

On one of the afternoon walks we were short of a few people for the walk so I was asking people as they headed in our direction if they were taking part in the walk.  As we got closer to the time the walk was due to start I spied a lady heading our way.  ‘Excuse me… Are you here for the course walk’ I asked as I walked towards her.  ‘I am your course walk’ was the reply… (it was Mary King.)  ‘Ohhh,  sorry I didn’t have my glasses on’  was my hasty response!!  The fact she was dressed in head to toe ‘Mary King’ apparel should have been a clue!

I’ve never lived it down!


This will be the 3rd we have volunteered and hopefully many more years to come. It’s a fantastic great fun weekend even when it rains! Everyone is so friendly and willing to offer advice to the less experienced volunteers. Looking forward to this year once again.


We had a great time and are looking forward to working for you again. We have told all of our friends about our wonderful experience and have been convincing other friends to join us this summer.


I have volunteered for over 16 years since Blair Horse Trials started. It’s fun to meet new people every year and become good friends afterwards. And I get to enjoy my love for the sport!  Can’t wait to be there again this year. Love doing the ‘bun run’ and all the other duties I do.



Amy-Lou and Robbie 

Volunteering at Blair is a fantastic weekend away. To see it all come together and work so smoothly – you really see the behind the scenes and feel like part of the team.  And you really come to understand the importance of the volunteers.

We’re always rewarded with some merchandise for volunteering a few days which is a bonus!

Flexible lively camping space and resources for everyone is also fantastic. The camp warden is fantastic to work with, great help and great fun! All-round it’s always a great weekend, rain, wind or shine.


We’ve both volunteered for 3 years now and the whole experience whether you’re a volunteer or not is great! But just because your a volunteer doesn’t mean you miss out all the fun, take my word for it!


Holly and Tricia

We were managing the Dressage gate and had the privilege of speaking to William Fox Pitt who chatted about his test.  It’s a fantastic venue and out on the cross country course, you get an amazing close-up view of the action.  The atmosphere is wonderful and volunteering is very enjoyable. We’re looking forward to being back!

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More information for Volunteers

Please take a few minutes to review our Volunteer Health & Safety documentation, as well as our Volunteer Handbook.

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