Covid-19 information for Volunteers

Update August, 2022

There are currently no restrictions or limitations in place from the Scottish Government surrounding Covid. We ask that obviously if you are not well you do not come to the event, otherwise there are no other regulations in place at the moment. Thank you and enjoy your time at Blair.



Please read through this information before your visit to Blair Castle Horse Trials 2021 and see what steps we are taking and how you can help us reduce the risk of Covid-19 to yourself and everyone else.

Before you arrive

You must follow the current Scottish Government regulations regarding Covid-19 public health measures. If you, or anyone in your household, have any symptoms of Covid-19, have been instructed to isolate, or have tested positive in the last 10 days, you must not attend the Event or Campsite and follow NHS guidance. Please note these regulations may differ from those in other parts of the UK.

If you cannot attend for any reason, please let us know by immediately by calling 01796 481543.

All volunteering must be arranged in advance, please ensure you have received your free e-tickets and car park pass.

People over the age of 18 must show, when asked, that they are fully vaccinated, or have proof of a negative rapid lateral flow test (LFD) or PCR within the previous 24 hours, before they enter the Horse Trials.

If it is more than 120 days since your second jab, you are required to have had a booster to be classed as fully vaccinated.

Find out more about the NHS Scotland Covid Status App or download it from the App store or Google Play.

People coming from elsewhere in the UK can show their vaccination status with the NHS App (if from England or Wales) or the Covidcert NI app (if from Northern Ireland) – or via paper letters of certification.

Please bring face-coverings with you for everybody in your group (a limited number of disposable face-coverings will be available on site).

Unless you are legally exempt from these mandatory regulations, you must wear a face-covering in all enclosed spaces, including vehicles and trade stands, and anywhere you cannot adequately distance yourself from people not in your household.

There will be a number of hand washing facilities and hand-sanitiser stations around the site, however, for your convenience, please bring your own hand-sanitiser that you keep with you and use throughout your visit.

Please bring gloves with you if you want to wear them (a limited number of disposable gloves will be available on site if your role requires it). Remember that gloves protect the wearer, but do not reduce the risk to others. You can still sanitize your hands with hand-sanitizer whilst wearing disposable gloves.

Remember to change your gloves regularly, sanitize your hands before putting new gloves on, and dispose of used gloves carefully.

On the days that you will be working, we will provide you with a packed lunch, including a drink.

However, you may wish to bring your own food and drinks with you.

Food and drinks will also be available to purchase on site.

For your comfort, you may wish to bring a small, portable seat with you.

Blair Castle Horse Trials will use the contact information you provided when you signed up as a volunteer for contact-tracing purposes.

If you live in Scotland and are 16 years old or older, please download the free NHS Scotland Protect Scotland app and turn on the contact-tracing function. Using the app and following current public health measures we can all stay safe.

Find out more about the Protect Scotland app or download it through the App Store or Google Play.

The other UK NHS Covid-19 phone apps contact-tracing functions are all compatible with the NHS Scotland Protect Scotland app.  Please turn on the contact-tracing functions in your England & Wales NHS Covid-19, StopCovid NI, Jersey COVID alert or Beat COVID Gibraltar app.

Unfortunately, international Covid-19 contact tracing apps are not compatible with any of the UK Covid-19 apps.

Please download the NHS Check-in Scotland app if you are over the age of 12 years. Find out more about using the Check-In Scotland QR code and download the app through the App Store or Google Play.

The venue check-in function of other UK NHS Covid-19 apps and international apps are not compatible with NHS Scotland QR codes.

On arrival

To help you begin your day at Blair Castle Horse Trials, please display your volunteer car park pass in your car window to enable our stewards to scan it quickly and easily.

All members of your group over the age of 12 years, please check in by launching the Check-in Scotland app, scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera, and completing your contact details. This works with the NHS Scotland Protect Scotland app to help contract tracing and break the chain of Covid-19 infections.

You need to check-in every day that you attend the Event. There will be plenty of QR codes positioned around the site entrances and at the Volunteers Tent

Please remember to check out when you leave by re-scanning the QR code!

If anyone in your group over the age of 12 years does not have a mobile phone, please check-in at the Volunteer tent, where you must give your details for contact-tracing. This process will be slower than using the QR code, please use the Check-in Scotland app if you can.

Remember to keep your face-coverings and hand-sanitiser with you and don’t leave them in the car!

On your first day please have your e-tickets ready to be scanned for every member of your group so your Volunteer wristbands can be issued.

Once you have collected your Volunteer wristband please wear it at all times you are at the Event. You will need to show it to enter every day you attend the Event.

During your time at Blair Castle Horse Trials

We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time at Blair Castle Horse Trials. Please help us to keep you safe by reading and following the signage and instructions from staff and stewards whilst at the Event.

There will be one or more Covid-19 stewards at the Event overseeing Covid-19 protocol compliance and offering extra support or measures where required.

You must follow the signage on site and current guidance regarding social-distancing.

There may be additional one-way routes and queuing systems, which apply to everyone. Please follow them, they are in place to help everyone maintain appropriate distance from others, for everyone’s comfort and safety.

By reducing the number of surfaces you touch, it will reduce the risk of infection to you and others.

Do not share items like pens, clipboards, cups, microphones and sunglasses etc. with anyone outside your household.

Please sanitise equipment (radios, clipboards, pens, card machines etc.) before and after you use it, using the spray or wipes provided.

Please do not bring your dog with you while you are volunteering. Please avoid touching dogs that are not part of your household.

Please regularly wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or use hand-sanitiser.

Hand-washing facilities are available at all toilet blocks and hand-sanitiser stations will be available around the site.

You may choose to wear gloves, however, please note that these protect the wearer but not others. You can still use hand-sanitiser whilst wearing disposable gloves.

You should replace your gloves regularly, and wash or sanitize your hands before putting on new gloves. Please dispose of used gloves carefully.

We want everyone to enjoy shopping at the trade stands.

For the safety of visitors and stallholders, please wear your face-covering in and around trade stands.

Some stands may have one-way and queuing systems, extra signage, and special procedures, please follow these safety measures and any staff instructions.

Minimise touching or handling products.

Use contactless payment whenever possible.

There will be no scoreboard or timesheets available at the Event. Please visit our website for times, scores and results, which will be regularly updated as soon as they are verified

Please see the Volunteer Handbook for more information about this area.

Please consider others when positioning your own portable seat and maintain social-distancing from anyone not in your household.

Please comply if stewards need you to move your seating, it will be for the safety of you and others.

Please dispose of your own litter carefully in the many bins around the site, including drinks containers, disposable cutlery, cups, face-coverings, gloves and tissues.

Please consider other visitors, volunteers and staff and maintain social-distancing when queuing and inside the toilet facilities. Use the hand-washing facilities available at all toilet blocks.

If you or a member of your group start to feel unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 whilst at the Event, please immediately go to the First Aid point and seek medical advice.

Please urgently call your Volunteer Team Leader to let them know you are unwell so your duties can be covered.

After your visit

You must contact the Organisers immediately by emailing or calling 01796 481543 if within 10 days of you attending the Event you:

  • experience symptoms of Covid-19;
  • discover you had been in close proximity to someone who experienced symptoms of Covid-19 within the 10 days before your attendance at the Event;
  • are instructed to self-isolate by the NHS or your doctor.