Trade Stand Terms & Conditions

Land Rover Blair Castle International Horse Trials
24th – 27th August 2023
  1. Definition
    In these Terms and Conditions the term Exhibitor includes all employees or agents of such and the terms Event and Organiser shall mean Blair Castle International Horse Trials & Country Fair, their employees and authorised agents.
  1. Duration of the Event
    Stands must be completed by 8pm Wednesday 23rd August. The event is open to the public Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 24-27 August 2023, 9am to 5pm each day. Exhibitors must be open for business for the entirety of these hours, as a minimum.
  1. Applications
    Applications will only be considered if submitted on the official form to the event office at the address provided. All forms must include a description of the goods to be sold from the trade stand.

All trade stands must be in the name of the company as booked on the application form, unless by prior agreement in writing from the Organisers. No trade stand may divide, sub-let or share any allotted trade stand space.

  1.  Acceptance
    Trade stands will be informed when their application has been accepted. Applicants placed on a waiting list will be notified. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any application on any grounds as they see fit. The organisers reserve the right to cancel stands with outstanding payments. Any cancellations by the organiser will be informed in writing.
  1. Stand Extras
    Extras, electricity, banner rails etc. must be paid for in full at the time of ordering.

Where any ad hoc charges, including sponsorship, arise in relation to the Event, the Exhibitor shall pay these within 30 days of receipt of an invoice from the Organisers. An administration fee of 10% may be charged on any amount outstanding for more than 14 days after the due date indicated on the invoice. Under no circumstances will an Exhibitor be allowed to take part in the Event if any charges are unpaid 14 days prior to the Event, in the event of which the Contract shall terminate. Following such termination, any stand or other charges which have been paid by the prospective Exhibitor shall be retained in full by the Organisers with no further obligation owed by the Organiser to the prospective Exhibitor.

  1. VAT
    All UK based companies will be required to pay VAT at the prevailing rate. If a supply of land and ancillary services is made to a non-UK business, VAT is not chargeable.  An ancillary service would be anything else supplied along with the trade stand space, e.g. marquees, electricity etc. If there is no ancillary service, VAT remains chargeable. If VAT is not charged, the Customer is to account for VAT under the Reverse Charge Rule. This places the onus on the Exhibitor to account for VAT correctly in their own country.
  1. Cancellation and Refunds
    Exhibitors cancelling their booking in writing before 21st June 2023 will be entitled to a refund less 20% to cover administration costs. After that date, refunds are at the discretion of the Organiser and are not guaranteed, and will only be considered if the stand space can be refilled. All cancellations must be notified in writing.
  1. Stand Size
    Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that they book the correct size for their stand. This should include all tow bars, guy ropes and pegs, signboards etc. which must fall within the booked boundaries of the stand.
  1. Open Ground stands are 15m deep, including stock vehicle parking. The maximum permissible display area is 9m deep.
  2. Exhibitors whose stand or associated vehicles go beyond the perimeter of their allocated stand size will be charged an additional £50 plus VAT per square metre.
  1. Erection of Stands
    The site will be open from midday on Monday 21st August for the erection of trade stands by Exhibitors and their agents or contractors. Exhibitors wishing to gain entry to the site before this date must contact the Organisers but there is no guarantee this will be possible. All stands must be dismantled and removed from the site no later than noon on Tuesday 30th August. Please note if you intend to have a marquee erected privately through your own supplier – the site opening time also applies to marquee contractors. Sites may not be marked out before the opening time and contractors will have to wait if this is the case.
  1. Stand Location
    The Organisers may without notice to the Exhibitor alter the layout of the Event site plan or position of any stand at any time. Allocation of an Exhibitor’s name to any particular part of the Exhibition site plan or stand number will not constitute any agreement by the Organisers that the Exhibitor is entitled to exhibit at the Event in a particular location.
  1. Occupation of Stand Space
    Stands must be occupied by at least one responsible adult throughout the duration of the open hours of the Event.

The Organisers reserve the right to reallocate any stand space which remains empty by 4pm on Wednesday 23rd August, unless notified in advance of late arrival and the Exhibitor shall forfeit all payments for the event and rights to use that stand space.

Except in the case of Abandonment, Exhibitors shall not cease trading or pack up their stand before 4pm on Sunday 27th August. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any future application from any company doing so.

  1. Stand Appearance
    All trade stands must display the name of the stand in a prominent position. The Event expects a high level of presentation on Exhibitors’ stands. For example, selling directly from cardboard packing boxes or piles of products on the floor is not acceptable. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any future application from any company who in the sole opinion of the Organisers do not meet acceptable standards.
  1. Site Access
    All Exhibitors and staff must display the correct vehicle pass and wristbands. Exhibitors failing to display the correct entry passes will be expected to park in the public car park and pay the normal admission charges. No refunds will be given for admission tickets purchased in such circumstances.

No exhibitor vehicle movements will be allowed on the site between 8.30am and 6pm Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and between 8am and 6pm on Saturday; vehicles wishing to arrive or leave during this time will be expected to use the trade car park. This rule will be strictly adhered to.

  1. Tickets and Vehicle Passes
  2. Vehicle passes must be displayed clearly at all times. Wristbands will be checked at the entry gates. All vehicle occupants must wear a wristband or the full entry fee will be charged, which is non-refundable. Please note that a vehicle pass alone does not admit to the event. The Organisers reserve the right to remove improperly parked vehicles.

Trade Stand Frontage      Vehicle Pass       Wristbands
Up to 5 metres                           One                   Two
6 – 12 metres                             Two                  Four
13 – 20 metres                           Three               Six
Over 20 metres                          Four                 Eight

  1. Tidiness
    Exhibitors must ensure tidiness on their stand, the area in front of their stand and the area behind their stand. Rubbish bins and skips will be located around the site and rubbish should be placed accordingly. Exhibitors must not to leave rubbish in their stand space on departure; any exhibitors doing so will be charged for the collection and disposal.
  1. Clean Stand Charges
    The Event is held on ground normally used for livestock grazing. Any Exhibitor found to be leaving litter on their stand will be charged £100 plus VAT after the event to cover the additional time and expense incurred in returning the site to a usable state for stock grazing. One of the main items of litter every year is cable ties, please dispose of yours carefully!
  1. Security
    Twenty-four hour roaming security cover will be in operation at the Event from noon on Wednesday 23rd August until 7pm on Sunday 27th August. However, Exhibitors are advised to make adequate arrangements for the security and insurance of their goods. All security issues should be reported to the trade stand manager immediately. Any lost property should be handed to the Organisers.

Every effort will be made to provide an uninterrupted power supply. However, no liability will be accepted by the Organiser or contractor for any consequential loss or damage.

  1. Selling
    Trade stands may only sell, offer for sale or advertise any product or service from within the confines of their stand. Exhibitors may not sell their products or services outside the confines of their stand, including the car parks, stables, lorry parks and campsite.

The Organisers reserve the right to stop any activity or close any stand which in their sole opinion may cause annoyance or offence to other exhibitors, visitors or competitors.

No itinerant vendors or hawkers are permitted on the event site or surrounding area and will be ejected from the Event.

  1. Collections, Appeals and Raffles
    Charities or other institutions wishing to raise funds at the Event must obtain permission from the Organisers. Raffles and collections may only take place within the confines of the Exhibitors’ own stand.
  1. Boards/Banners/Promotion
    Under no circumstances are boards or banners to be erected in any trade stand avenue, arena, cross country course, car-park, access road or public road in and around the event site. Board space may be booked with the Organiser and the appropriate fee paid. Any banner or board erected without permission will be removed or the appropriate fee charged.

No Exhibitor is permitted to promote or distribute literature outwith the confines of their stand – this includes the car parks, lorry parks, scoreboards, entrances etc. Any Exhibitor found doing so will jeopardise future applications and be charged for the collection of any litter created.

  1. Electricity
    Provision of electricity is restricted to certain areas of the site.  On site requests for electricity may incur a late booking fee. Any wiring or electrical component additions or alterations which are required as a result of the Exhibitors equipment will be made at the discretion of the electrical contractor and will be chargeable in full to the Exhibitor.

All exhibitor electrical equipment should be covered by current PAT testing. The Organisers reserve the right to disconnect any trade stand from the electrical supply if, in the opinion of the electrical contractor, the Exhibitors equipment is faulty.

Electricity will be supplied from noon on Wednesday 23rd August, with the exception of the food hall, which will be from noon Tuesday 22nd August.

Every effort will be made to provide an uninterrupted power supply. However, no liability will be accepted by the Organiser or contractor for any consequential loss or damage.

  1. Generators
    Generators are not permitted on the site. In exceptional circumstances the Organiser may give permission for a generator to be used by the Exhibitor. If permission is granted the generator must be diesel powered, super-silenced, fenced, correctly earthed and fuel stored in an appropriate manner. Where these conditions are not met or the generator is deemed unsafe by the Health and Safety Consultant, the Organisers reserve the right to turn off and confiscate the generator for the duration of the event.

Petrol generators are not allowed under any circumstances.

  1. Health and Safety
    All Exhibitors are expected to comply with the event Health and Safety Policy. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that their stand is soundly erected and that the stand and exhibits are safe at all times.

Exhibitors will be required to complete a risk assessment and sign a Health and Safety Declaration, which will be sent with confirmation of acceptance. Food Hall Exhibitors will also be required to complete a Food Hall Exhibitor Checklist. Exhibitors not complying with these conditions will not be permitted to trade.

  1. Public Liability Insurance
    All Exhibitors must have public liability insurance cover to a minimum of £2,000,000 (two million pounds). A copy of your policy cover note must be submitted prior to the event. Exhibitors who do not supply this information by 1st July may forfeit their stand and any fees already paid will be returned, less 20% administration fee.
  1. Fire Regulations
    Under the Fire (Scotland) Act, tent membranes and fabrics, including wall hangings and other decorative display materials, should be of inherently flame-retardant fabric or durably flame-retardant fabric when tested to BS 5438 or BS 7157. Materials should be free of flaming molten droplet characteristics and should not support combustion. Where doubt exists about the flame-retardant qualities of a material, a test certificate to show compliance with the appropriate standard should be obtained from the supplier.

The organisers may request to see a copy of this certificate either in advance or at the event.

Exhibitors should not keep on their stand or the surrounding area any flammable, explosive or dangerous substances. All avenues, aisles and fire exits must be kept clear of exhibits.

Exhibitors should not park any vehicle so close to the back of the trade stand that it would cause an obstruction in the event of emergency evacuation of the trade stand. Exhibitors must adhere to all fire and safety regulations.

All Exhibitors must provide at least one fire extinguisher, manufactured to current BS standards, which must have been inspected and serviced within the preceding 12 months, proof of which must be provided on request. Exhibitors and their staff and contractors must be trained to use the firefighting equipment provided. Any stand using electrical equipment must also provide a CO2 extinguisher (minimum 1.5kg).

  1. Indemnity
    Save in the case of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Organisers, and except in relation to Indirect Losses (in respect of which the Organiser shall have no liability), the liability of the Organiser under the Contract whether for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise, shall not exceed an amount equal to the total sums paid by the Exhibitor under the Contract. The Organisers shall not be liable whatsoever for any Losses incurred by the Exhibitor caused by any restriction or conditions which prevent or delay the construction, erection, completion, alteration or dismantling of stands or the entry, siting or removal of goods and/or Promotional Materials, or for failure of any services or amenities provided by third parties.

The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers from and against any and all Losses (which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall include Indirect Losses) incurred by the Organisers as a result of breach by the Exhibitor (or any of its employees, agents or contractors) of Relevant Legislation and Regulations, of these Terms and Conditions, or any other terms of the Contract, or arising as a result of the Exhibitor exhibiting and/or selling and/or distributing any goods, services or materials at the Event.

  1. Food & Beverages
    Bookings are only accepted from Exhibitors who are selling food or drinks that are NOT intended for immediate consumption. All Exhibitors are expected to adhere to current food hygiene guidelines. Self-contained hand wash units are available for hire from various suppliers. All applicants must complete and return the Food Hall Exhibitors Check List, which will be sent with confirmation of acceptance.

Please note the Event has an agreement with a sponsor to be the sole confectioner on site, so other Exhibitors will not be permitted to sell sweets, pick & mix, fudge, tablet etc. Artisan chocolate is not subject to this agreement. If in doubt as to whether your products will be permitted, please speak to the Organisers.

All Exhibitors selling, sampling or providing alcoholic beverages must apply for the relevant licence with Perth & Kinross Council and display the licence on their stand.

  1. Dogs
    All dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times whilst on the event site. Dog owners are reminded that they are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. The owner of any dog found to be causing a nuisance may be asked to leave the event site and may have any future application for trade stand space refused.
  1. Cancellation or Abandonment
    In the event of cancellation or abandonment of the event, trade stand exhibitors may be entitled to a refund or partial refund of open ground space depending on the duration which the event has been open to the public. In the event of abandonment any such refund shall only be made after consultation with the event insurers. Unless the event is cancelled prior to their erection or installation, no refunds will be issued in respect of ancillary services, shedding, marquees or power supplies. Exhibitors are advised to insure against losses incurred due to cancellation or abandonment.
  2. Data Protection
    By applying for a trade stand, the Exhibitor agrees that the information provided by it will be held by the Organisers now and in the future who may process such data for marketing purposes and other purposes. The Exhibitor consents to:

    1. The Organisers sharing details of the Exhibitor with other British Eventing Organisers and organisations promoting the Event for marketing purposes
    2. The Organisers sharing details with contractors providing Exhibitors with services for the Event.
    3. The Organisers passing information regarding the Exhibitor to third parties for the purpose of debt collection or fraud prevention.The Exhibitor acknowledges that information disclosed under this paragraph may include ‘personal data’ (as such term is defined in the Data Protection Act 1998).Please inform the Organisers if you do not wish your information to be used for marketing purposes.
  3. Communication
    Any behaviour or language which, in the sole opinion of the organisers, is deemed unacceptable by the exhibitor towards any member of staff will not be tolerated at any point. The organisers reseserve the right to cancel your application or booking at any stage under such circumstance. No refunds will be given.