Please see the 2023 timetable below for reference.

Thursday 24th August
BE90 Dressage 08:00 XC Field Arenas
Hunter Show 08:00 Banvie Arena
BE90 Show Jumping 08:40 Tulloch Arena
CCI1*-Intro Dressage E 09:00 Castle Arena
CCI1*-Intro Dressage F 09:00 Main Arena
CCI2*-L Dressage 09:00 Main Arena
CCI3*-L Dressage 09:00 Main Arena
Hunter Show 09:00 Tilt Arena
Highland Pony Show 09:00 Garry Arena
BE90 Cross Country 09:20 XC Course
Highland Pony Show 11:00 Country Fair/Tummel Arenas
BE100 Dressage 12:00 XC Field Arenas
CCI4*-L Dressage 12:45 Main Arena
BE100 Showjumping 14:20 Tulloch Arena
BE100 Cross Country 15:00 XC Course
CCI4*-S Dressage 16:30 Main Arena
CCIS-P2* Trot Up 18:15 Main Arena
Ceilidh 21:00 Public Bar
Friday 25th August
NPS Scotland 08:30 Tummel/Country Fair Arenas
CCIS -1*-Intro Dressage E 09:00 Castle Arena
CCIS -1*-Intro Dressage F 09:00 Main Arena
CCI2*-L Dressage 09:00 Main Arena
CCIL -3*Dressage 09:00 Main Arena
British Showjumping 09:00 Banvie Arena
British Showjumping 10:00 Tilt Arena
CCIS – 4* Dressage 13:00 Main Arena
CCIS -P2* Dressage 13:00 Main Arena
Charity Gin Tasting 19:00 Sponsors Marquee
Live Band 21:00 Public Bar
Saturday 26th August
CCIS-4* Show Jumping 08:00 Main Arena
CCIL-2* Cross Country 08:30 XC Course
SCOT CH BE90/100 Dressage 08:30 Tulloch Arena
British Showjumping 09:00 Tilt/Banvie Arenas
Pony Club Mounted Games 10:00 Tummel Arena
CCIS-1*Intro Showjumping E 10:10 Main Arena
CCIL-3* Cross Country 11:35 XC Course
CCIS P2* Showjumping 12:45 Main Arena
CCIS-1*Intro Showjumping F 13:58 Main Arena
CCIL -4*Cross Country 14:00 XC Course
CCIS-1* Intro Cross Country E 15:45 XC Course
CCIS-1* Intro E Prize Giving 18:45 Members
Disco (ticketed) 21:00 Public Bar
Sunday 27th August
Second Horse Inspection 08:00 Main Arena
SCOT CH BE90/100 Cross Country 08:30 XC Course
British Showjumping 09:00 Banvie Arena
Sunday Showing 09:00 Tummel/Country Fair Arenas
CCIL-2* Showjumping 10:30 Main Arena
CCIS-4* Cross Country 11:30 XC Course
British Showjumping 08:00 Tilt Arena
CCI3*-L Show Jumping 13:40 Main Arena
SCOT CH BE90 Show Jumping 13:00 Tilt Arena
CCI4*-S Prize Giving 14:00 Land Rover stand
CCIS-1*Intro Cross Country F 14:10 XC Course
SCOT CH BE90 Prize Giving 14:30 Tilt Arena
CCI2*-PS Prize Giving 15:00 Land Rover Stand
SCOT CH BE100 Show Jumping 15:00 Tilt Arena
CCI4*-L Show Jumping 15:40 Main Arena
CCI2*-PS Cross Country 13:10 XC Course
CCIL-2* Prize Giving 13:00 Main Arena
CCI3*-L Prize Giving 15:00 Main Arena
SCOT CH BE100 Prize Giving 16:00 Tilt Arena
CCIL-4* Prize Giving 16:30 Main Arena
CCIS-1*Intro Prize Giving 16:45 Land Rover stand