Thursday Showing Results

Thursday Hunter and Highland Pony Show Results

Ridden Hunter Classes

Class 1 – The Barry Sanderson Heating and Plumbing Novice Hunter
1. Kavannagh’s Master William (A Matheson)
2. Larkin About (Z Guild)
3. Johannes (H Keenan)

Class 2 – The Growers Garden Lightweight Hunter
1. Bowland Winner (F Menzies)
2. Nic Nac Paddy Mac (K Birss)
3. Fridays Venture (E MacKenzie)

Class 3 – Small Hunter
1. Tullyoran Full Irish (S Walker)
2. Duntown Aristocrat (S Bain)
3. Kind Gent (R Hodgson)

Class 4 – The Wasted Degrees Middle/Heavyweight Hunter
1. Harry’s Hunter (K Aird)
2. Tredragon (G McCowan)
3. New Proposal (C Drake)

Ridden Hunter Championship
Champion: Bowland Winner (F Menzies)
Reserve: Harry’s Hunter (K Aird)

CHAPS (UK) Coloured Horses

Class 5 – CHAPS (UK) Native/Cob/Traditional Open Ridden Qualifier
1. Marley (Z Clarke)
2. Curious George (S Winn)
3. Dolly XIII (R Copland)

Class 6 – CHAPS (UK) Non-Native Open Ridden Qualifier
1. Journeys Atlas (S Lynch)
2. Allenwood Flash (K Dalrymple)
3. Oddball (A Watson-Anderson)

Coloured Horse Championship
Champion: Marley (Z Clarke)
Reserve: Journeys Atlas (S Lynch)

Riding Horse Classes

Class 7- Ayr Equestrian Small Riding Horse
1. Boleybawn Sara (L Oag)
2. Westcountry Lady Guinevere (J Flockhart)
3. Courageous Image (A Cole)

Class 8 – Ayr Equestrian Large Riding Horse
1. Knight Light (J Garland)
2. Saint James (R Sutherland)
3. Eyebrook Foxy Lady (M McDougall)

Riding Horse Championship
Champion: Knight Light (J Garland)
Reserve: Boleybawn Sara (L Oag)

Cob Class

Class 9 – McNabs Solicitors Open Show Cob to include Maxi Cobs
1. Curious George (S Winn)
2. Hortons Choice (A Peet)
3. George Stubbs (H MacDonald)

Riding Club Horse Class

Class 10 – Just Chaps Riding Club Horse
1. Storm (E Chown)
2. Inkstack Sasta (M McDougall)
3. Langson Emperor (G Hardie)

Working Hunter Classes

Class 11 – Nichola Ritchie Novice Working Hunter
1. Tinnakill Kizzy (K Aird)
2. Charles Imp (B Maclennan)
3. Highland Spark (D Deas)

Class 12 – Dodson & Horrell/BHS Scotland Riding Club Working Hunter Final
1. Jubilee V (A Johnston)
2. Sapphire And Steel (D Sinclair)
3. Lady Daisy (V Cursiter)

Class 13 – Perth Equine Vets/BHS Scotland Working Hunter Final
1. JJ’s Prince Chaccomo (G Anderson)
2. Zantax (A McKelvie)
3. Greenhall Dictator (A Thomson)

Class 14 – HOYS Westown Stud Working Hunter of the Year Qualifier for 2023
1. JJ’s Prince Chaccomo (G Anderson)
2. Arctic Skippy (E Hawksby)
3. Bold Adventure A Birch)

Blair Castle Working Hunter Championship
Champion: JJ’s Prince Chaccomo (G Anderson)

Class 15 – Blair Castle BSPS Training Stakes Final (70cm)
1. Cornfield Prince (A Conchie)
2. Dorothy (M Richards)
3. Tullyoran Full Irish (N Cameron)

Class 16 – Blair Castle BSPS Training Stakes Final (80cm)
1. Neuklear Master Blaster (E Bailey)
2. Eslin Charisma (N Connor)
3. Twyngwyn William (N Connor)

Blair Castle BSPS Training Stakes Championship
Champion: Neuklear Master Blaster (E Bailey)
Reserve: Cornfield Prince (A Conchie)


Class 1 – Cob Leather Yeld Mare – Performance
1. Trailtrow Tianavaig (G McMurray)
2. Bowmore Isla Lady (M Hay)
3. Erray Bracken (L Lean)

Class 2 – Senior Gelding
1. Sovereign of Forglen (R Chalmers)
2. Braehillor King Duncan (N Green)
3. Carlung Marksman (F Walker)

Class 3 – Junior Gelding
1. Benromach of Forglen (L Paisley)
2. Ruwenzori Theodore (S Stanfield)
3. Starthmore Bruar (S Davidson & A Hynd)

Class 4 – Stallion or Colt
1. Isleman of Mendick (R Darling)
2. Benmacdhul of Strathaven (J Reid)

Class 5 – Yeld Mare – Non-Performance
1. Charley of Sunnyneuk (W Taylor)
2. Grace of Alltnacailleach (A McLennan)

Class 6 – Brood Mare shown with foal at foot
1. Fourmerk Marilla (J Alexander)
2. Moss-side Yakeira Lady (WJ Ralston)
3. Spindrift of Caimbe (M Beattie)

Class 6b – Colt Foal
1. Moss-side Gleann Murtagh (WJ Ralston)
2. Coal foal of Overhall Lark (B Cole)
3. Colt foal of Fourmerk Marilla (J Alexander)

Class 7 – Filly or Gelding, 3 years old
1. Iris of Meggernie (Meggernie Estate)
2. Dunedin Floraidh Dubh (A Mitchell)
3. Monadhliath Rose (M Stewart)

Class 8 – Filly or Gelding, 2 years old
1. Drumbrodie Aalina (S Halford)
2. Duchess of Whitefield (A Baird)
3. Gypsy of Roisbhelm (A Blackburn)

Class 9 – Colt, Filly or Gelding Yearling
1. Whitefield Princess Emma (A Baird)
2. Blossom of Meggernie (Meggernie Estate)
3. Annie of Aberfeldy (S Morrison)

In-Hand Champion: Isleman of Mendick (R Darling)
Reserve: Iris of Meggernie (Meggernie Estate)

Best Gelding from classes 2&3: Sovereign of Forglen (R Chalmers)

Best 1, 2 or 3 yo filly bred by exhibitor: Iris of Meggernie (Meggernie Estate)

Class 10 – Working Highland Pony
1. Loandhu Masterpiece (E Starke)
2. Amber of Achindrean (C MacKinnon)
3. Hope of Dirri More (H Starke)

Class 11 – Novice Working Hunter
1. Carrick Lady Lunna (J McCulloch)
2. Whinneyhall Topaz (A Taylor, L Roberts & P MacDonald)
3. Glenmuir Lochryan (J Fairburn)

Class 12 – Intermediate Working Hunter
1. Glenmuir Lochryan (J Fairburn)
2. Bogs Prince (A Ewart)
3. Carrick Lady Lunna (J McCulloch)

Class 12a – Open Working Hunter
1. Carrick Lord Benbecula (H Wilkie)
2. Bogs Prince (A Ewart)
3. Burnside Westray (M Wilkie)

Champion: Whinneyhall Topaz (A Taylor, L Roberts & P MacDonald)
Reserve: Carrick Lord Benbecula (H Wilkie)

Class 13 – HOYS Qualifier
1. Kincardine Uist (S-J Forbes)
2. Strathmore Imperial Guard (G Reid Durick)
3. Trailtrow Toran (L Jarvis)

Class 14 – Nursery Novice Ridden
1. Balmoral Squire (HM The King)
2. Sorne Sula (J Headspeath)
3. Dunedin Robyn (J MacMillan)

Class 15 – Novice Ridden, 4 years old and under, under 143cms
1. Trailtrow Tianavaig (K McMurray)
2. Holmedown Princess Kaiulani (L Boyd)
3. Bowmore Isla Lady (M Hay)

Class 16 – Novice Ridden, 4 years old and under, 143 – 148cms
1. Dewley Benwishin (J Strange)
2. Trailtrow Toran (L Jarvis)
3. Feorag of Turin Hill (JPG Cameron)

Novice Ridden Champion: Dewley Benwishin (J Strange)
Reserve: Trailtrow Tianavaig (K McMurray)

Class 17 – Open Ridden, 5 years old & over, under 143cms
1. Ardnagaisk Edan (L Allison)
2. Kincardine Uist (S-J Forbes)
3. Dunedin Fenella (S Hutcheon)

Class 18 – Open Ridden, 5 years old & over, 143-148cms
1. Strathmore Imperial Guard (C Durick)
2. Harris of Mendip (B Williams)
3. Glencallan Goldsmith (J Osband)

Open Ridden Champion: Strathmore Imperial Guard (C Durick)
Reserve: Harris of Mendip (B Williams)

Photo: Isle man of Mendip with owner Ruth Darling