Thursday round up from the Showing rings

Thursday’s Highland Pony Silver Medal and Hunter shows took place over four arenas and in glorious sunshine. We spoke to a handful of the winners:

13-year old Liam MacKenzie won both the Blair Castle Open Working Hunter Pony and the overall Working Hunter Pony Championship with his 9-year-old gelding Llanidan Bonheddwr, aka Henry.

This was the pair’s first time contesting the WHP classes at Blair and despite his tender years Liam is already establishing himself as an all-round horseman as he holds his racing license, enjoys cross-country and takes part in Pony Club games.

“I’m very happy,” he said “Henry is very fun and cheeky and also loves sea swimming.”

Thurso-based Nicola Mason and her 14hh Bobby’s Choice became Coloured Horse Champions:

“He does a bit of everything,” admitted Nicola, “I’m really pleased – he’s a real gentleman and my kids ride him at home.”

West Lothian-based Amy Ogilvie and her 16.3hh mare L.A. Diamond started off a busy few days on the right foot. The pair won the BHS Scotland Working Hunter class and tomorrow start contesting the Scottish Grassroots Eventing Festival.

Victoria Fletcher and Christopher Grant’s Dunedin Mohawk became Highland Pony In-Hand Champions early on Thursday morning. Victoria works in financial services but also runs the Fourmerk Highland Pony Stud:

“Dunedin Mohawk is such a big softie,” she admitted “you really wouldn’t know he’s a stallion. He’s also a real all-rounder – he’s been serving mares this year and also hunts with the Tynedale.”

Freelance Riding Instructor Jade Patterson and her 10-year-old Kingsmeadow House Magic Mix won the hotly contested Novice Ridden Hunter class:

“I bought him as a four-year-old,” said Jade “and we mainly compete in elementary dressage and are training for Advanced Medium.

“He’s a cheeky little bugger,” she laughed “a bit like an overgrown Labrador who tries to eat everything he comes across.”

Lucy Stewart’s win with her own 7-year-old mare JST Silvermist and subsequent crowning as Ridden Hunter Champions was a far cry from her usual day job:

“I’m a lorry driver for my step-father’s company and I mainly do quarry work,” she said. A far cry from winning Championships at Blair.

In-Hand Classes

Class 1 – yeld mare, four years old and over, competing in other sections

1, Dunedin Fairy Queen (A Mitchell)

2, Bowmore Isla Lady (J&J Boner)

3, Myrtle of Meggernie (M Grant)

Class 2 – senior gelding, seven years old and over

1, Tarquin Of Forglen (A Taylor)

2, Braehillior King Duncan (N MacDonald)

3, Bowmore Ben Cruchan (J & J Bonner)

Class 3 – junior gelding four, five or six years old

1, Strathmore Imperial Guard (C Durick)

2, Yogi Of Whitefield (A Longmire)

3, Monarch Of Mendick (C Munro)

Class 4 – stallion or colt, two years old and over

1, Dunedin Mohawk (C Grant)

2, Turinhill Kyleakin (J McCormack)

3, Ruwenzori Ferdinand (S MacIntosh)

Class 5  – yeld mare, four years old and over, not competing in other sections

1, Sorne Sula (V Headspeath)

2, Tower Ae Fonf Kiss (F Steel)

3, Fourmerk Highland Fling (J Alexander)

Class 7 – filly or gelding three years old

1, Moss-Side Breagh (F Steel)

2, Strathallon Swallow (A Roberts)

3, Sorne Endeavour (J Headspeath)

Class 8 – filly or gelding, two years old

1, Morayelphin Nevay (S Yeaman)

Class 9 – colt, filly or gelding yearling

1, Allendale Nightingale (B Cole)

In Hand Championship (classes 1-9 eligible)

Champion: Dunedin Mohawk (C Grant)

Reserve: Tarquin Of Forglen (A Taylor)

Class 10a – working Highland pony, four years old or over, in working harness

1, Stephanie of Carlung (J Ferguson)

2, Glensaugh Rainbow Rhona (N McEwan)

3, Balmoral Adam (Balmoral Estate)

Class 11 – Novice class, Highland pony four years old and over not exceeding 148cms

1, Fingal Of Achnacarry (SJ Bowers)

2, Darragh Of Over Langshaw (E Glendinning)

3, Corrybrough Fergus (D&R Smith)

Class 12 – Intermediate class, Highland pony four years old and over, not exceeding 148cms

1, Orchid Of Orcadia (J Corsie)

2, Whinneyhall India (M Buchanan)

3, Trowan Patrick (K Richardson)

Class 12a – Open class, Highland pony four years old and over, not exceeding 148cms

1, Glenmore Of Roisbheinn (M Mahoney)

2, Burnside Westray (M Wilkie)

3, Whinneyhall India (M Buchanan)

Champion: Glenmore Of Roisbheinn (M Mahoney)

Reserve: Fingal of Achnacarry (SJ Boers)

HOYS Qualifier

Class 13 – NPS/Baileys Horse Feeds ridden HOYS Highland Pony of the Year

1, Dunstruan Ettrick Mhor (H Dick)

2, Jessicah Of Wooplaw (L Boyd)

3, Strathmore McNair (R Telford)

Ridden Classes

Class 14  – Nursery novice Highland pony four, five and six years old not exceeding 148cms

1, Trailtrow Toran (L Jarvis)

2, Trowan Pringle (R Davidson)

3, Strathmore Imperial Guard 9C Durick)

Class 15 – Novice Highland pony, four years old and over, under 143cms

1, Dunedin Fenella (S Hutcheon)

2, Trailtrow Gracie (J Coull)

3, Orkneyinga Norseman(L Denholm)

Class 16  – Novice Highland pony, four years old and over, 143cms-148cms

1, Fingal Of Achnacarry (SJ Bowers)

2, Scarlet Of Roisbheinn (R Andrew)

3, West Lodge Alfred (S Shepherd)

Novice Ridden Championship (classes 14-16 eligible)

Champion: Dunedin Fenella (S Hutcheon)

Reserve: Trailtrow Toran (L Jarvis)

Class 17 – Open Highland pony, five years old under 143cms

1, Jessicah Of Woodplaw (L Boyd)

2, Ardnagaisk Edan (M Gourdie)

3, Braehillior King Duncan (N MacDonald)

Class 18 – Open Highland Pony, five years old 143-148cms

1, Mozart Of Millfield (E Hamilton)

2, Kilbucho Korkorn (S Robertson)

Open Ridden Championship (classes 17 and 18 eligible)

Champion: Jessicah Of Woodplaw (L Boyd)

Reserve: Mozart Of Millfield (E Hamilton)

Overall Ridden Championship

Champion: Dunedin Fenella (S Hutcheon)

Reserve: Jessicah Of Woodplaw (L Boyd)

Ridden Hunter Classes

Class 1 – Novice Hunter

1, Bowland Winner (F Menzies)

2, Harrys Hunter (A Finlay)

3, Python (C McVay)

Class 2 – Lightweight Hunter

1, Freckleton Mozart (A Rugg)

2, Classictop Silverstone (D Fehler)

3, Sydney Down Under (K Blackie)

Class 3 – Small Hunter

1, JST Silvermist (L Stewart)

2, Randalstown Just Irish (K Stewart)

3, Bowland Doubtless (A Peet)

Class 4 Middle/Heavyweight Hunter

1, Lansdowne Road (S Cloy)

2, Python (C McVay)

3, Harrys Hunter (A Finlay)

Ridden Hunter Championship

Champion:  JST Silvermist (D Newton)

Reserve:  Bowland Winner (F Menzies)


Riding Horse Classes and CHAPS (UK) 

Class 5 – CHAPS (UK) Native/Cob/Traditional Ridden Qualifier

1, Bobby’s Choice (N Manson)

2, Lovestruck Romeo (K Stirling)

3, Salt n Pepper (N Montgomery)

Class 6 – CHAPS (UK) Non-Native Ridden Qualifier

1, Allenwood Flash (K Dalrymple)

2, Kind Gent (H Hodgson)

3, Granard Toby (L Young)

Coloured Horse Championship

Champion: Bobby’s Choice (N Manson)

Reserve: Kind Gent (H Hodgson)

Class 7 – Ayr Equestrian Small Riding Horse

1, Dallamires Golden Touch (A Norquay)

2, West Country Samuri (I Miller)

3, Courageous Image (A Cole)j

Class 8 – Ayr Equestrian Large Riding Horse

1, Romanno Royal Scandal (H Kerr)

2, Knight Light (J Garland)

3, Newmiln Obama (J Donn)

Riding Horse Championship

Champion: Romanno Royal Scandal (H Kerr)

Reserve: Knight Light (J Garland)

Class 9 – Open cob

1, Kincullen Moonstone (R Skelton)

2, Pudding Lane (R Lane)

3, Strathmore Lightning (T Wightman)

Class 10 – Just Champs Riding Club Horse

1, Kind Gent (R Hodgson)

2, Stocai Ban (S Yeend)

3, Nool Boy (L Rutherford)

Working Hunter Classes

Class 11 – Novice Working Hunter

1, Kingsmeadow House Magic Mix (J Paterson)

2, Newmiln Obama (J Donn)

3, Wooden Heart (S Gillespie)

Class 12 – Dodson & Horrell/BHS Scotland Riding Club working hunter 

1, Dynast (E Nicoll)

2, Tooreeny Diamond (S Wallce)

3, Crisantus (S Dawson)

Class 13 – BHS Scotland Working Hunter

1, L.A. Diamond (A Ogilvie)

2, Crisantus (S Dawson)

3, Christinas Pride (K Slater)

Class 14 – HOYS Working Hunter Qualifier 2021

1, Clifton’s Adelaide (J Herries)

2, Hio Imp Dale (B Brewster)

3, Islestone Valentino (S Jardine)

Class 15Blair Castle open WHP championships mare of gelding four years old, not exceeding 133cms

1, Llanidan Bonheddwr (L MacKenzie)

2, Prince Harry (J MacLeod)

3, Kengarth Chelsea (M Buchanan)

Class 16Blair Castle open WHP championships mare of gelding 4-years-old or over, over 133cms and not exceeding 143cms

1, Daley (L Mitchell)

2, Mockbeggar Rich Tea (E Campbell)

3, Drumroe Rory (C Holmes)

Class 17 – Blair Castle Open WHP

1, Gortnalea Boy (J Mahoney)

2, Ride The Stars (B Moore)

3, Mia (N Brown)

Blair Castle Open WHP Championships

Champion: Llanidan Bonheddwr (L MacKenzie)

Reserve: Mockbeggar Rich Tea (E Campbell)