Sunday showing results


Class 1 – Affiliated Open Side Saddle Equitation Class
1, Poetic Justice (Eloise Justice-Vose)
2, Middlemuir Sir Frederico (Fiona MacKinnon)
3, Langson Emperor (Grace Hardie)

Class 2 – Best Horse or Pony to be ridden side saddle
1, Middlemuir Sir Frederico (Fiona MacKinnon)
2, Python (Cheryl McVay)
3, Poetic Justice (Eloise Justice-Vose)


Class 3 – Tattersalls RoR OPEN In Hand Show Series Qualifier
1, Dance of Fire (Kerrie Urquhart)
2, Gaelic Magnum (Carol Rollo)
3, Strongsteps (Natasha Turner)

Class 4 – Tattersalls RoR Amateur Ridden Show Series Qualifier 2023
1, Drogon (Amelia Palmer)
2, Good Girl Susie (Katy Gillespie)
3, Tallula (Sarah Spence)

Class 5 – Tattersalls RoR Scottish Thoroughbred Show Series Qualifier
1, Wardaddy (Hazel McArthur)
2, Tallula (Sarah Spence)
3, Drogon (Amelia Palmer)


Class 6 – Blair Castle Ridden Clydesdale Championship
1, Collessie King Edward (Kalli Burr)
2, Collessie First Choice (Natalie Leslie)
3, Hrossland Just Poppy (Vicki Cursiter)

Class 7 – British Ridden Heavy Horse of the Year Qualifier (HOYS) 2022
1, Coulbank Hamish (Marion Maclennan)
2, West Glen Abelia (Lauren Smith)
3, Collessie First Choice (Natalie Leslie)


Class 8 – Diamond Veteran In-Hand
1, Windborne Harvest Gold (Hannah Gray)
2, Phildon Sparkle (Tammy Halsey)
3, Touchmill Princess (Angela Thomson)

Class 9 – Veteran In-Hand
1, Dornroeschen (Annella Cowan)
2, Victorious Lowlands (Lisa Shanks Paisley)
3, Carnroe Lily (Reeve Baxter)

Class 10 – Pre-Veteran In-Hand
1, Freckleton Mozart (Amy Rugg)
2, Oddball (Ashley Watson-Anderson)
3, Dolly XIII (Rebecca Copland)

Class 11 – Diamond Veteran Ridden
1, Idris (Molly Barclay)
2, Carnroe Lily (Reeve Baxter)
3, Windborne Harvest Gold (Lucy Gray)

Class 12 – Veteran Ridden
Results unavailable at time of posting

Class 13 – Pre-Veteran Ridden
1, Oddball (Ashley Watson-Anderson)
2, Dolly XIII (Rebecca Copland)
3, Granard Toby (Heather Young)

Veteran In-Hand Champion: Freckleton Mozart (Amy Rugg)
Reserve Champion: Oddball (Ashley Watson-Anderson)

Veteran Ridden Champion: Results unavailable at time of posting
Reserve Champion: Oddball (Ashley Watson-Anderson)