Cob Leather

At Cob Leather we have been working with leather for 23 years – specialising in hand made boots and shoes, bags, belts, hats, waistcoats and many small items such as SD card holders, coin holders, cable tidys, purses, specs cases, key cases and wrist supports.

Shoes and boots are handcrafted, either using standard lasts or made to measure, when clients can select from a variety of styles and a wide range of colours.

Due to demand in recent years we have included in our range gun slips, gun slings, cartridge bags and cases, fishing fly cases, fly patches and line dryers. Special, bespoke items can also be made to order.

Orders for other bespoke goods are welcome – items produced include bellows, horse brasses, tool pouches, knife sheaths, sword scabbards, gun holsters and chaps, indicating the wide range of leather goods which can be supplied. Certain repairs are also undertaken.

We produce some fun items – teddies in leather, sheep cushions, dammit dolls, finger puppets, survival sacs and leather Christmas decorations.

Please contact us personally by phone, e-mail or post.

Our involvement and sponsorship at the Horse Trails is due to the fact that we are local and feel that we wanted to support Blair Castle and it’s organisation of this prestigious event. Being a part of it and it’s success is important to us.

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