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Showing News – Thursday Roundup

Thursday’s Highland Pony Silver Medal and Hunter shows took place over four arenas and attracted a healthy crowd of spectators. We spoke to a handful of the winners:

Marita Dobson-Barr could not have been more delighted with her 12-year-old mare Oatcake Of Whitefield (pictured) when she was crowned Highland In-Hand Champion.

“This means everything,” she said immediately after their win. “It’s our first time here and our biggest win to date. She’s just a fabulous mare and like a big Labrador – I’m so proud of her and she’s definitely earned herself a couple of jelly babies!”

It’s back to work tomorrow though for the Dumfries flower shop owner, much to the delight of her husband who she’d left in charge of the shop today.

Susan Fairfield’s Motzart of Millfield also secured his biggest career win by taking the NPS/Baileys Horse Feeds Highland Pony Open M&M Qualifier, the final of which will be held at the Horse Of The Year Show, later this year. Bred at Willie Allan’s Millfield Stud, he is half-sister to former in-hand Champion Michaela of Millfield.

Denise Richardson-Rowall swapped her day job as an Educational Farm Manager at Home Farm on the Dumfries House Estate for a winner’s sash when she piloted Heggelane Hillbilly to victory in the lightweight hunter class and then won the overall ridden hunter championship.

The five-year-old was home-bred by Denise by her showjumper Holywood.

“He was third at the Royal Highland and Supreme Champion at the Dumfries show so we’ve had a great season,” said Denise. “All the judges have said how light he is on the forehand and through behind – he’s a hell of a goer too! It’s my first time competing here and what an amazing show it is – it has fantastic shopping too so that’s where I’m going now.”

Caithness-based Nicola Manson, who is currently on maternity leave from her job as a Manager with BT, and her 10-year-old mare Mohill Millie walked away with the Coloured Horse Championship after also winning the CHAPS (UK) non-native open ridden qualifier.

“She does a bit of everything really,” said Nicola, “and we’ve been coming here for years. We’ve been second and third before so it’s great to finally win.”

L.A. Diamond and 25-year-old Riding Instructor Amy Ogilvie became Blair Castle Working Hunter Champions. The mare is multi-talented having won the Open Working Hunter class here last year and also show jumps up to Foxhunter level.

Another returning champion was former Highland Novice Champion Harries Of Mendick. The 7-year-old working stallion, who was produced and ridden by Cumbrian-based Brian Wilson, this year won the Open Ridden Championship and was also crowned Overall Ridden Champion.


In-Hand Classes

Class 1 Yeld mare, 4 years old and over, competing in other sections

1, Oatcake of Whitefield (Marita Dobson-Barr)
2, Trailtrow Lillie (Gillian McMurray)
3, Knockandy Abigail (Morven Campbell)

Class 2 Senior gelding, 7-years-old and over
1, Heather Jock Of Fourmerk (Jane McNaught)
2, Targquin Of Forglen (Adrienne Taylor)
3, Trailtrow Torridon (Fiona Brown)

Class 3 Junior gelding 4, 5 or 6-years old
1, Dunedin Mascot (Jane McNaught & Katie Common)
2, Lochlands Prince Tamino (Ann Owen-Walker)
3, An Teallach of Abernethy (Victoria Headspeath)

Class 4 Stallion or colt, 2-years-old and over
1, Isleman Of Mendick (Ruth Darling)
2, Glenwestcastle Loch Rannoch (Sally Murray)
3, Carlung Quest (Isabell Bergius)

Class 5 Yeld mare, 4-years-old and over, not competing in other sections
1, Tiffany of Whitefield (G M Baird)
2, Marigold Of Meggernie (Mary McCall-Smith)
3, Lochlands Gloriana (K Lawson & W Sinclair)

Class 6, Brood mare shown with foal at foot, 4-years-old and over
1, Nadine of Whitefield (Sandy Baird)
2, Rosie Of Strathmore (C McQuattie)
3, Charleu Of Sunnyneuk (Wendy Taylor)

Class 6A, Filly foal, produce of mare in Class 6 by a licensed Highland stallion
1, Filly foal (C McQuattie)
2, Filly Foal (Sandy Baird)
3, Marnonwells Lismore (Susan Skea)

Class 6B Colt foal produce of mare in class 6 by a licensed Highland stallion
1, Colt foal (G M Baird)

Class 7 Filly or gelding 3-years-old
1, Louise Of Strathmore (Sarah Macintosh)
2, Fourmerk Rosebud (Joan Alexander)
3, Towan Madeleine (Mr R Davidson)

Class 8 Filly or gelding, 2-years-old
1, Royal Amber Of Sunnyneuk (Wendy Taylor)
2, Venus Of Carlung (Susan Wardrop)
3, Yoko Of Whitefield (R Baird)

Class 9 Colt, filly or gelding yearling
1, Rynuan Highland Princess (Joanna McCormack)
2, Connachan Wisp (Mary McCall Smith)
3, Morayelphin Collace (Sandra Yeaman)

In Hand Championship (classes 1-9 eligible)
1, Oatcake of Whitefield (Maria Dobson-Barr0
2, Islesman Of Mendick (Ruth Darling)

Working Highland Pony

Class 10, Working Highland pony, 4-years-old or over in working harness
1, Katrina Of Stanford (Wildland)
2, Seamus Of Forglen (Fiona Menzies)
3, Atholl Hope (Blair Castle Estate Ltd)

Working Hunter Ponies

Class 11, Novice class Highland pony 4-years-old and over not exceeding 148cms
1, Moss-side Ruaig (Claire Harding)
2, Carrick Lord Benbecula (Jane McCulloch)
3, Orchid Of Orcadia (Laura Corsie)

Class 12 Intermediate class Highland pony 4-years-old and over, not exceeding 148cms
1, Ruby Rose Of Strathmore (Katherine Bowling-Hartenfeld)
2, Orchid Of Orcadia (Laura Corsie)
3, Glenbanchor Tormod (Mrs R B Chalmers)

Class 12A Open class Highland pony 4-years-old and over, not exceeding 148cms
1, Glenmore Of Roisbheinn (Susan Chappelhow-Lacey)
2, Rheum Archie (Kate Wilson)

HOYS Qualifier

Class 13 NPS/Baileys Horse Feeds Highland Pony Open M&M Qualifier
1, Motzart of Millfield (Susan Fairfield)
2, Eran Of Croila (Jean Carnagie)
3, Dunedin McGregor (Christopher Grant)

Ridden Classes

Class 14 Nursery novice Highland pony 4, 5 and 6-years-old not exceeding 148cms
1, Glenbanchor Tormod (Mrs R B Chambers)
2, Dunedin Mascot (Jane McNaught & Katie Common)
3, Heather Honey Of Croila (Carol Rafferty)

Class 15 Novice Highland pony, 4-years-old and over, under 143cms
1, Rheum Archie (Kate Wilson)
2, Trowan Missile (Alice Longmire)
3, Glenbanchor Gillebrichde (John Reid)

Class 16 Novice Highland pony, 4-years-old and over, 143cms-148cms
1, Katrina Of Strathmore (Mr C McQuattie)
2, Lochlands Prince Tamino (Anne Owen-Walker)
3, Jack The Lad Of Ednam House (Mrs HSD Brooks)

Novice Ridden Championship (classes 14-16 eligible)
Champion, Katrina Of Strathmore (Mr C McQuattie)
Reserve, Glenmuir Rhonda (Susan Craig)

Class 17 Open Highland pony, 5-years-old under 143cms
1, Ardnagaisk Edan (Mrs N B Gourdie)
2, Rosebush In Na Dailach (Mrs M Osborne)
3, Trailtrow Lillie (Gillian McMurray)

Class 18 Open Highland Pony 143-148cms
1, Harries Of Mendick (Aileen Curle)
2, Heather Jock Of Fourmerk (Jane McNaught)
3, West Lodge Catriona (Robin Stewart)

Open Ridden Championship (classes 17 and 18 eligible)
Champion, Harries Of Mendick (Aileen Curle)
Reserve, Heather Jock Of Fourmerk (Jane McNaught)

Overall Ridden Championship
Champion, Harries Of Mendick (Aileen Curle)
Reserve, Heather Jock Of Fourmerk (Jane McNaught)

Ridden Hunter Classes

Class 1 Novice Hunter
1, Emperor Gift (Samantha Cloy)
2, Ballarin The Conqueror (Karen Mowat)
3, Bleach Road Lad (Lisa Hill)

Class 2 Lightweight Hunter
1, Hegglelane Hillbilly (Denise Richardson-Rowell)
2, Emperor Gift (Samantha Cloy)
3, Bowland Winner (Fiona Menzies)

Class 3 Small Hunter
1, Sterling Four (Ruth Sutherland)
2, Mohill Millie (Nicola Manson)
3, Jemima Puddledub (Sophie Cierans)

Class 4 Middle/Heavyweight Hunter
1, Tredragon (Gilly McCowan)
2, Remember Rossmore (Diane Brash)
3, Classictop Silverstone (Daniel Fehler)

Ridden Hunter Championship
Champion, Hegglelane Hillbilly (Denise Richardson-Rowell)
Reserve, Tredragon (Gilly McCowan)

Riding Horse Classes and CHAPS (UK)

Class 5 Ayr Equestrian Small Riding Horse
1, Huntroyd Aurora (Louisa Hylands)
2, Kilmastrulla Lucy Q (Isla Miller)
3, Remember Rio (Kirsty Aird)

Class 6 Ayr Equestrian Large Riding Horse
1, Condomina (Zoe Clarke)
2, Jupiter VI (Linda Panteellerisco)
3, Orcadian Queen K (Andrew Cole)

Riding Horse Championship
Champion, Huntroyd Aurora (Louisa Hylands)
Reserve, Kilmastrulla Lucy Q (Isla Miller)

Coloured Horses

Class 7 CHAPS (UK) native/cob/traditional open ridden qualifier
1, Oliver Twist VII (Erica Taylor)
2, Park Gabriella (Gemma Stewart)
3, Dolly XIII (Rebecca Copland)

Class 8 CHAPS (UK) non-native open ridden qualifier
1, Mohill Millie (Nicola Manson)
2, Kind Gent (Robyn Hodgson)
3, Jemima Puddledub (Sophie Cierans)

Coloured Horse Championship
Champion, Mohill Millie (Nicola Manson)
Reserve, Oliver Twist VII (Erica Taylor)

Class 9 Just CHAPS Riding Club Horse
1, Shanty Town Girl (Sharon Wands)
2, Glenfyne Billicoy (Julie Donn)
3, Cowton April Showers (Louise Watt)

Working Hunters

Class 10 Quality Highland Show Jumps novice working hunter
1, Hio Imp Dale (Blyth Brewster)
2, Highland Scottische (Declan Sinclair)
3, Murray Tobermory (Lindsey Munro)

Class 11 Dodson & Horrell/BHS Scotland Riding Club working hunter final 2018
1, Incontention (Clare Pearson)
2, Barana Moy Boy (Jane Brisbane)
3, Serville (Eve Beveridge)

Class 12 Eastern BMW/BHS Scotland working hunter final
1, CCS Robin (Margo King)
2, Sydney Down Under (Krystan Blackie)
3, Finding Nico (Karon Carson)

Class 13 Open working hunter
1, L.A. Diamond (Amy Ogilvie)
2, One’s A Wish (Catherine Cousar)
3, Glenmhor (Gavin Drummond)

Blair Castle Working Hunter Championship
Champion, 1, L.A. Diamond (Amy Ogilvie)
Reserve, 2, One’s A Wish (Catherine Cousar)

Open Working Hunter Pony Finals

Class 14 Blair Castle open WHP championships mare of gelding 4-years-old or over, not exceeding 133cms
1, Synod Ieuan (Maria McElhinnery)
2, Kausta Fire Cracker (Hannah Robinson)
3, Oakville Victor (Rose Monie)

Class 15 Blair Castle open WHP championships mare of gelding 4-years-old or over, over 133cms and not exceeding 143cms
1, Square Bella (Lauren Oag)
2, Hoppenhofs Paulien (Hannah Robinson)
3, Johnny (Anna Smallwood)

Class 16 Blair Castle open WHP championships mare of gelding 4-years-old or over, over 143cms and not exceeding 153cms
1, The Third Pearl (Philippa Archibald)
2, Greggs Cavalier (Anna Smith)
3, Crossowen Jay (Callie Lorimer)

Blair Castle Open WHP Championships
Champion, Synod Ieuan (Maria McElhinnery)
Reserve, Square Bella (Lauren Oag)

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