Inspired by a true passion for country lifestyle, John Nichols began a lifelong project to create the pinnacle of country and outdoor clothing with the support of his family. Since 1954, the spirit of every distinctive design has been in Quality, Reliability & Style. Now into its 3rd generation much has changed, but our families’ love for country sports and outdoor pursuits still remains as strong as ever, so does our mission to deliver excellence in both form and function.

After 47 successful years, the family refreshed the brand with the intention of broadening the collection and making it accessible to all. This allowed our customers in both town and country to enjoy British country classics that would stand the test of time. Named after our roots in the heart of Yorkshire, Rydale Clothing was born.

After prolific success within the Yorkshire region it was time to journey beyond the borders and spread the Rydale word far and wide, touring country shows across the whole of Great Britain.

Keeping durability and quality foremost, we developed our collection aiming to make it as complete as possible. Taking Rydale on tour gave us the valuable opportunity to receive feedback directly from showground’s across the UK. We listened carefully to the response of our customers and the design team honed in on what mattered most to you.