Roll of Honour


CCN**              Frances Oakden on her own Jabba the Hutt


CCN**              Ann Hardaway (USA) on Mr B Hardaway’s In the Red


CCI**               Nigel Taylor on Mr J Iona-Smith’s Nick of Time


CCI**               Blyth Tait (NZL) on his own Tempo


CCI**               Rodney Powell on Mr & Mrs Boucher’s Comic Relief


CCI**               David O’Connor (USA) on Mr J Zada’s Lightfoot

CCN**              Cicely Thorne on her own Beluga


CCI**               Nicola Parnell (BER) on Mr E De Sousa’s Castle Blayney


CCI**               Tiny Clapham on her own Sydney James


CCI**               Louise Myles on Mrs A Andrew’s Just Jeeves

CCN*                Lucinda Fredericks on Miss G McGrath’s Daliance


CCI**               Sally Swiers on Mr P Swiers’ Sessay Warrior

CCI*                 Kerrie Burge on her own & Mrs M Daykin’s Acrobat II


CCI**               Ruth Friend on Mrs A Lawson’s Matthew II

CCI*                 Craig Anderson on Lady Howick’s Softly Softly III


CCI**               Lucinda Fredericks on Mr S Kean’s Tina’s Gold

CCI*                 Steven James on Mr T Holliday’s Instioge Monarch


CCI**               Lucy Wiegersma on Mr & Mrs C Perkins’ River Vally

CCI*                 Lisa Maynard on Mr P Scott’s Sky Sport



CCI**               Lucy Wiegersma on Mrs S Hunt’s Friday Morning



CCI*                 Heidi Simmons on her own The Biz


CCI***              Ruth Friend on Mr & Mrs A Lawson & Vetsoft Systems’ Matthew II



CCI*                 Vittoria Panizzon (ITA) on her own & Mrs L Panizzon’s King of the Castle II


CCI***              Lucy Wiegersma on Mr M Lean & Mr H Wiegersma’s Shaabrak




CCI*                 Hannah Bate on Ms K Williams’ Valdemar


CCI***              Louise Skelton on her own Partly Pickled




CCI*                 Ian Stark on Mrs C Thorne’s William Morris


CCI***              Clea Phillipps on her own, Mrs J Barnard & Mr V Phillipps’ Lead The Way



CCI**               Matthew Prior on Mrs J Prior’s Political Trump




CCI*                 Lucy Wiegersma on Mr & Mrs C Perkins’ Porloe Alvin


CCI***              William Fox-Pitt on his own and Jane Kier’s Macchiato




CCI**               William Fox-Pitt on Catherine Butler’s Bee Animas




CCI*                 Neil Spratt (NZL) on Catherine Witt’s Solo Voyage




EU-YR-CH          Individual: Sabrina Mertens (GER) on Divolo




EU-YR-CH          Team: Great Britain (Charlotte Agnew, Dani Cuomo, Emily Galbraith, Georgie Spence)


CCI***              Duarte Seabra (POR) on Jorge Almeida Marecos’ Brave Heart




CCI**               Sarah Cohen on Angela Tucker, Fran Morgan & Miles Cohen’s Irish Jester



CCI*                 Paul Sims on Roger Griffiths & Alex Calder’s Regal Rascal II



CCI***              William Fox-Pitt on the Hon Mrs T Stopford-Sackville’s Cool Mountain



CIC***              Nicola Wilson on Mrs R Search’s Opposition Buzz




CCI**               Matthew Wright on Mrs C Cole’s Hugginstown




CCI*A               Andrew Nicholson (NZL) on Mrs R Barlow’s Qwanza




CCI*B               Andrew Hoy (AUS) on his own Cheeky Calimbo


CCI***              William Fox-Pitt on Mrs M Hall, Mr D Hall and Mrs J Skinner’s Neuf des Coeurs



CIC***              Nicola Wilson on Miss R Search’s Opposition Buzz



CCI**               Matthew Wright on Mrs C Cole’s Hugginstown



CCI*                 Emma Humphrey’s on Mr C Embrey’s Ushouldbsolucky


CCI***              Andrew Nicholson (NZL) on 2012 In Mind Syndicate’s Calico Joe



CIC***              Nicola Wilson on Miss R Search’s Bee Diplomatic





CCI**               Polly Stockton on her own and Mrs P Lochore’s Benromach




CCI*                 William Fox-Pitt on his own Before Time




EU-YR-CH          Individual: Freya Fullgraebe (GER) on her own Oje Oje



EU-YR-CH          Team: Great Britain (Willa Newton, Tom McEwen, Wills Oakden, Dani Evans)



CCI***             Emily Galbraith on her own Timing



CIC***             Polly Stockton on Mrs J Tappin’s Jeepers Creepers



CCI**              Andrew Hoy (AUS) on Mrs C Classen’s Cheeky Calimbo




CCI*                  Niklas Bschorer (GER) on his own Vilart


CCI***              Tim Price (NZL) on The Wesko Syndicates’ Wesko



CIC***             Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) on her own and Mr R Ames’ Flying Finish



CCI**               Lizzie Brown (NZL) on her own and Miss T Grant’s Henton Attorney General




CCI*                 Ruth Edge on Mrs J Kearns’ Time Machine.


CCI***              Astier Nicolas on his own Quickly Du Buget




CIC***              Nicola Wilson on Mr & Mrs J Kemp and Mrs J Shewan’s One Two Many



CCI**               Mathew Wright on Mrs Charlotte Coal’s Hugginstown




CCI*                 Emily Young-Jamieson on her own Gortmore Tommy


FEI European Championships

Gold: Michael Jung on the Jung Family’s Fischertakinou

Silver: Sandra Auffarth on the Dokr-Ger Olympic Committee for Riding’s Opgun Louvo

Bronze: Thibaut Vallette on Inst. Francais Du Cheval Et De L’Equitation’s Qing Du Briot

Team Gold: Germany (Michael Jung, Sandra Auffarth, Ingrid Klimke, Dirk Schrade)

Team Silver: Great Britain (Kitty King, Pippa Funnell, William Fox-Pitt, Izzy Taylor)

Team Bronze: France (Thibaut Vallette, Mathieu Lemoine, Thomas Carlile, Karim Florent Laghouag)


CCI***            Nicola Wilson on Mary & Barry Tweedle’s Annie Clover



CIC***              Flora Harris on Mrs C Harris & Ms R Salt’s Bayano



CIC***ERM      Oliver Townend on Mrs Sally-Anne Egginton’s Cillnabradden Evo



CCI**               Caroline Clark on her own Touch Too Much



CCI*                 Jonelle Price on Mrs Tanya Buckingham – Lloyd’s Obos Impressive




CCI*** Hazel Towers on her own Simply Smart




CIC*** Harriet Wright on her own Ngong Hills ( See article regarding the final results)




CIC*** ERM Shane Rose on his own Virgil




CCI** Shane Rose on Mrs Kim Mercer & Mr Rodney Bennett’s Gurtera Cher




CCI* Emily Parker on Mr D Mactaggart’s Highly Delighted