2022 Ridden Clydesdale and Working Hunter Pony Qualifiers Results form


Please complete the form below to submit the results from your 2022 qualifying Ridden Clydesdale and / or Working Hunter Pony classes.

Qualifying Show Results

The details of you and the results of your 2022 qualifying show

Classes and Qualifiers

Please select all of the Ridden Clydesdale and Working Hunter Pony Classes that apply for your Show. 

Once you select a class, the qualifying placements will appear so you can complete both the horse and rider names.

If a placed horse or pony has already qualified in 2022, do not include them in the results, please include the details of the next highest placed combination. Ridden Clydesdale qualification may go down to fourth place, if horses placed 1st and 2nd have previously qualified. WHP qualification may go down to sixth place if higher placed ponies have previously qualified.

Congratulations to all your qualifiers we look forward to seeing them at Blair!