At MerlinVet, we comprise a bespoke wholesaler, import/export business, buying group, health plan provider, and anaesthetic gas exposure monitoring service. By listening to the needs of vets, we provide products, services, business solutions and, above all else, the support needed to run efficient and profitable practices. We are the UK distributor of RelyneGI, providing natural gastric support for horses.


  • MerlinVet UK: offering a customised pharmaceutical service, importing pharmaceuticals and farm fertility equipment to UK vets.
  • MerlinVet Export: supplying veterinary medicines, equipment, and accessories globally, providing vets around the world with quality products of great value.
  • MerlinVet-cel: the country’s oldest veterinary buying group providing support for independent veterinary practices of all sizes across the UK and improving businesses’ profitability through competitive rebates and reduced administration costs.
  • MerlinSPS: providing simple subscription & health plan solutions.
  • MerlinSalusPAM: monitoring anaesthetic exposure in your workplace.


With over 100 years of industry experience between us, get in touch to find out how we can transform your practice’s journey today.



Recommended by vets and professional riders, RelyneGI is a unique formula of hyaluronic acid and beta glucan that supports healthy digestion in horses. RelyneGI is an advanced liquid supplement containing a natural formula of a patented hyaluronan (MHB3) and beta glucan that delivers effective support for the equine digestive system. It’s odourless and tasteless for adding to feed and offers long-term support for all horses in maintaining normal gastric function and promoting well-being in equine athletes. RelyneGI, developed by the world’s leading veterinary scientists at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in the USA, has been thoroughly tested and is Clean Sport certified.


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