Keeping it in the family

Many of our eventing families have a strong history in the sport – we give you an insight into ‘some’ of the family ties of eventing over the years – makes interesting reading.

The Algotssons (SWE): Sisters Linda and Sara have ridden on many teams together, often on home-bred, related horses; Sara is now married to German rider Frank Ostholt, an individual bronze medallist in 2011; Frank’s brother, Andreas, was a reserve for the German squad this year

Aoife Clark’s (IRL) sister-in-law, Polly Stockton (GBR), has been a member of the British squad

Jayne Doherty’s (IRL) sister Sasha Stewart represented Ireland on several teams

William Fox-Pitt’s (GBR) mother, Marietta, competed in the 1967 Europeans in Punchestown

Claas Hermann Romeike’s (GER) father Hinrich, the 2008 Olympic champion, was a member of the German squad in 2003, 2005 and 2007

The Klimkes (GER): Ingrid Klimke’s father, Reiner, was chiefly known as an Olympic dressage rider, but he also rode in the 1957 and 1959 Eventing Europeans

John Kyle, a member of the FEI TV team, regularly has to commentate on his brother Mark, a member of the Irish squad; their father, John, rode at the 1987 Europeans for Ireland

The Lips (NED): Tim Lips’ father, Martin, rode at the 1979 and 1983 European championships

Event director Alec Lochore’s mother, Polly Hely-Hutchinson, competed for Britain in the 1969 Europeans in Haras du Pin

Padraig McCarthy’s (IRL) fiancée Lucy Wiegersma represented Britain at Junior, Young Rider and senior level

Michael Ryan’s (IRL) wife Patricia has ridden for several Irish teams

Izzy Taylor’s (GBR) great-aunt, Anneli Drummond-Hay, and her great-uncle, Martin Whiteley, competed in the Europeans in the 1950s and 1960s

The Touzaints (FRA): Double European champion Nicolas Touzaint’s uncle, Thierry, is the French team trainer; he rode in five Europeans and Nicolas’s father, Jean-Yves, rode in two

Brothers Felix and Ben Vogg are both representing Switzerland at Blair

The Watsons (IRL): Sam Watson’s father, John, was a member of the winning Irish team in 1979