History at Blair & Past Winners

History of horse trials at Blair Castle

Blair has run three-day events since 1989, beginning with a National (CCN) two-star, then adding an International (CCI) two-star in 1991. In 1998, the event ran both a CCI* and CCI** for the first time, and in 2003 moved up a level to run CCI*** alongside the existing CCI*. 2006 was another year of change, as the CCI** was reintroduced to run alongside the three- and one-star competitions, making Blair the only event in Britain to run CCI*, CCI** and CCI*** events concurrently. In 2009, the event took on yet another challenge, running two sections of CCI* due to huge entries and introducing a CIC*** as well – a very busy year indeed!

Blair Castle has a strong history of running European Championships, having hosted the FEI European Junior Championships in 1996, and the FEI European Young Rider Eventing Championships in both 2007 and 2011. Most recently, the event has hosted the senior FEI European Eventing Championship in 2015.

From 2016 we are proud host of the Event Rider Masters series, being the final of the 2018’s edition.

Blair is Scotland’s only three-star three-day event, and one of only 3 such events in Britain (the others being Blenheim and Bramham). Listed below are previous winners at Blair.

Roll of Honour

CCN** Frances Oakden on her own Jabba the Hutt
CCN** Ann Hardaway (USA) on Mr B Hardaway’s In the Red
CCI** Nigel Taylor on Mr J Iona-Smith’s Nick of Time
CCI** Blyth Tait (NZL) on his own Tempo
CCI** Rodney Powell on Mr & Mrs Boucher’s Comic Relief
CCI** David O’Connor (USA) on Mr J Zada’s Lightfoot
CCN** Cicely Thorne on her own Beluga
CCI** Nicola Parnell (BER) on Mr E De Sousa’s Castle Blayney
CCI** Tiny Clapham on her own Sydney James
CCI** Louise Myles on Mrs A Andrew’s Just Jeeves
CCN* Lucinda Fredericks on Miss G McGrath’s Daliance
CCI** Sally Swiers on Mr P Swiers’ Sessay Warrior
CCI* Kerrie Burge on her own and Mrs M Daykin’s Acrobat II
CCI** Ruth Friend on Mrs A Lawson’s Matthew II
CCI* Craig Anderson on Lady Howick’s Softly Softly III
CCI** Lucinda Fredericks on Mr S Kean’s Tina’s Gold
CCI* Steven James on Mr T Holliday’s Instioge Monarch
CCI** Lucy Wiegersma on Mr & Mrs C Perkins’ River Vally
CCI* Lisa Maynard on Mr P Scott’s Sky Sport
CCI** Lucy Wiegersma on Mrs S Hunt’s Friday Morning
CCI* Heidi Simmons on her own The Biz
CCI*** Ruth Friend on Mr & Mrs A Lawson & Vetsoft Systems’ Matthew II
CCI* Vittoria Panizzon (ITA) on her own & Mrs L Panizzon’s King of the Castle II
CCI*** Lucy Wiegersma on Mr M Lean and Mr H Wiegersma’s Shaabrak
CCI* Hannah Bate on Ms K Williams’ Valdemar
CCI*** Louise Skelton on her own Partly Pickled
CCI* Ian Stark on Mrs C Thorne’s William Morris
CCI*** Clea Phillipps on her own, Mrs J Barnard and Mr V Phillipps’ Lead The Way
CCI**  Matthew Prior on Mrs J Prior’s Political Trump
CCI* Lucy Wiegersma on Mr & Mrs C Perkins’ Porloe Alvin
CCI*** William Fox-Pitt on his own and Jane Kier’s Macchiato
CCI** William Fox-Pitt on Catherine Butler’s Bee Animas
CCI* Neil Spratt (NZL) on Catherine Witt’s Solo Voyage

EU-YR-CH Individual: Sabrina Mertens (GER) on Divolo
EU-YR-CH Team: Great Britain (Charlotte Agnew, Dani Cuomo, Emily Galbraith, Georgie Spence)
CCI*** Duarte Seabra (POR) on Jorge Almeida Marecos’ Brave Heart
CCI** Sarah Cohen on Angela Tucker, Fran Morgan and Miles Cohen’s Irish Jester
CCI* Paul Sims on Roger Griffiths and Alex Calder’s Regal Rascal II
CCI*** William Fox-Pitt on the Hon Mrs T Stopford-Sackville’s Cool Mountain
CIC*** Nicola Wilson on Mrs R Search’s Opposition Buzz
CCI** Matthew Wright on Mrs C Cole’s Hugginstown
CCI*A Andrew Nicholson (NZL) on Mrs R Barlow’s Qwanza
CCI*B Andrew Hoy (AUS) on his own Cheeky Calimbo
CCI***  William Fox-Pitt on Mrs M Hall, Mr D Hall and Mrs J Skinner’s Neuf des Coeurs
CIC*** Nicola Wilson on Miss R Search’s Opposition Buzz
CCI** Matthew Wright on Mrs C Cole’s Hugginstown
CCI* Emma Humphrey’s on Mr C Embrey’s Ushouldbsolucky
CCI*** Andrew Nicholson (NZL) on 2012 In Mind Syndicate’s Calico Joe
CIC*** Nicola Wilson on Miss R Search’s Bee Diplomatic
CCI** Polly Stockton on her own and Mrs P Lochore’s Benromach
CCI* William Fox-Pitt on his own Before Time
EU-YR-CH Individual: Freya Fullgraebe (GER) on her own Oje Oje
EU-YR-CH Team: Great Britain (Willa Newton, Tom McEwen, Wills Oakden, Dani Evans)
CCI*** Emily Galbraith on her own Timing
CIC*** Polly Stockton on Mrs J Tappin’s Jeepers Creepers
CCI** Andrew Hoy (AUS) on Mrs C Classen’s Cheeky Calimbo
CCI* Niklas Bschorer (GER) on his own Vilart
CCI*** Tim Price (NZL) on The Wesko Syndicate’s Wesko
CIC*** Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) on her own and Mr R Ames’ Flying Finish
CCI** Lizzie Brown (NZL) on her own and Miss T Grant’s Henton Attorney General
CCI* Ruth Edge on Mrs J Kearns’ Time Machine.
CCI*** Astier Nicolas on his own Quickly Du Buget
CIC*** Nicola Wilson on Mr & Mrs J Kemp and Mrs J Shewan’s One Two Many
CCI** Mathew Wright on Mrs Charlotte Coal’s Hugginstown
CCI* Emily Young-Jamieson on her own Gortmore Tommy
FEI European Championships
Gold: Michael Jung on the Jung Family’s Fischertakinou
Silver: Sandra Auffarth on the Dokr-Ger Olympic Committee for Riding’s Opgun Louvo
Bronze: Thibaut Vallette on Inst. Francais Du Cheval Et De L’Equitation’s Qing Du Briot
Team Gold: Germany (Michael Jung, Sandra Auffarth, Ingrid Klimke, Dirk Schrade)
Team Silver: Great Britain (Kitty King, Pippa Funnell, William Fox-Pitt, Izzy Taylor)
Team Bronze: France (Thibaut Vallette, Mathieu Lemoine, Thomas Carlile, Karim Florent Laghouag)
CCI*** Nicola Wilson on Mary & Barry Tweedle’s Annie Clover
CIC*** Flora Harris on Mrs C Harris and Ms R Salt’s Bayano
CIC***ERM Oliver Townend on Mrs Sally-Anne Egginton’s Cillnabradden Evo
CCI** Caroline Clark on her own Touch Too Much
CCI* Jonelle Price on Mrs Tanya Buckingham – Lloyd’s Obos Impressive
CCI***  Hazel Towers on her own Simply Smart
CIC*** Harriet Wright on her own Ngong Hills (See article regarding the final results)
CIC***ERM Shane Rose on his own Virgil
CCI** Shane Rose on Mrs Kim Mercer and Mr Rodney Bennett’s Gurtera Cher
CCI* Emily Parker on Mr D Mactaggart’s Highly Delighted
CCI*** Tim Price on Mrs There Miller, Jo Preston-Hunt, Philip Hunt and Miss Kate Maitland’s Pats Jester
CIC*** Oliver Townend on Haseldines & Mitchell Fox Group’s  Tregilder
CIC***ERM Chris Burton on The Graf Liberty Syndicate’s Graf Liberty
CCI** Piggy French on Ms Jennifer Saunders’ Cooley Moonson
CCI* James Avery on Mrs Lizzie Edwards’ Seaflower
CCI-L**** Emilie Chandler on Ms Maria Doels’ Gortfadda Diamond
CCI-S**** Astier Nicolas on Mrs Marielle Grivots’ Babylon De Gamma
CCI-L*** Eleanor Hope on Mr & Mrs Hopes’ Limestone Romeo
CCI-L** Hayden Hankey on his own Cartown Galaxy
Horse Trials cancelled owing to Covid-19 pandemic and national public-health safety restrictions.
CCI-L**** Rosie Fry on D.J. White-Hamilton’s True Blue Too II
CCI-S**** Rosalind Canter on Michele Saul’s Lordships Graffalo
CCI*** Rosalind Canter on her own and Alex Moody’s Izilot Dhi
CCI** Sarah Bullimore on Brett Bullimore and Seahorse Syndicate’s Evita AP
CCI* Charlotte Cooke on her own Midnight Dancer II
CCI* Katie Magee on her own Fairfield Mollymac
CCI-L**** Tom McEwen on Martin Belsham’s Luna Mist
CCI-S**** Astier Nicolas on his own Babylon De Gamma
CCI*** Tom McEwen on Alison Swinburn and John & Chloe Perry’s Brookfield Cavalier Cruise
CCI** Wills Oakden on Stephanie Oakden’s Keep It Cooley
CCI* Amelia England on her own Eluna
CCI* Maia Fleming on her own Candyman Leanorth