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Friday round up from the Showing Rings

It was another busy day of showing today with the NPS Scotland Finals and Silver Medal Championships taking place across two arenas. Some familiar faces from yesterday’s classes found themselves in the ribbons again:

No business end of a showing line-up would be complete without Kirsty Aird and she was at it again today. She rode Winsome Aird’s (no relation) beautiful six-year-old Connemara mare to both the NPS/Ringside Stud Mountain & Moorland Open Ridden Championship and the coveted NPS/Standinghat Stud & Show Team Ridden M&M Silver Medal Rosette Championship:

“I’m ecstatic,” she beamed “because this is her first open class. She’s just been shown to date but is now starting to jump. Ultimately, however, she will be used as a brood mare.”

Katie Common, who helps run family-owned native breeds yard KVC Equestrian just outside Inverness and her Dales pony Nipna Mighty Oak became NPS M&M Novice Ridden Champions and Reserve M&M Silver Medal Rosette Champions:

“Mighty is six now,” said Katie. “I’ve produced him from a four-year-old and he really is a very happy and laid back chap. He’s good at his job though because he’s a total show off.”

Later in the day Katie also won the Open Ridden Fell, Dales and Highland class and was Reserve Ridden Champion with her Highland pony Dunedin Mascot.

Liam MacKenzie and his Welsh section C gelding Llanidan Bonheddwr, winners of yesterday’s Open Working Hunter Pony Championship, were today Reserve Champions behind Katie and Mighty.

11-year-old Robyn-Mae Leslie from Aberdeenshire was crowned NPS/Top Spec M&M Working Hunter Pony Champion with her Fell pony Littletree Heartbreaker, or Harry to his friends.

“This is my first time riding at Blair Castle,” said Robyn-Mae, who is also starting term in a new school on Monday, “but I wasn’t nervous. Harry is a bit of a cheeky monkey and loves to gallop, particularly on the beach where we spend a lot of time.”

The NPS/Robinson M&M Junior Ridden National Championship was won by another Blair Castle debutante, 12-year-old Aaliyah Watson from Aberdeenshire with her 12hh Rosedust Class Act.

“I think it’s ace here,” she said, “and I had two authorised days off school to come here.”

In fact, Aaliyah’s day got better as, later in the afternoon she and ‘Freddie’ also won the M&M First Ridden Final and were crowed overall Mini Ridden Champions.

Dianne Staveley’s 13-year-old Connemara Eastlands Rashiebrae won both the NPS/Horsequest M&M In-Hand Senior In-Hand Championship and was crowned overall In-Hand Champion. The mare is a multiple Highland Show winner and was exhibited with her four-month-old foal at foot.

NPS Scotland Finals and Silver Medal Championships

NPS Scotland/Picton Mountain and Moorland Novice National Championship

Class 1 – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland

No entries

Class 2 – Welsh Section A & B

1, Mynach Party Spirit (D Hyslop)

2, Pinina Theodore (K Robertson)

3, Annandale Maria (N Archibald)

Class 3 – New Forest, Connemara

1, Falfield Prim and Proper (H Stewart)

2, Highfox Hunky Dory (H Whetter)

3, Riffeylands Gwennic (S Angus)

Class 4 – Fell, Dales, Highland

1, Nipna Mighty Oak (K Common)

2, Sovereign Of Forglen (R Chalmers-Gray)

3, Darrach Of Over Langshaw (C Grant)

Class 5 – Welsh Section C & D

1, Llanidan Bonheddwr (L MacKenzie)

2, Loch Quoy Independence (K Common)

3, Tarforgan Cracker Jack (S Burkhill)

Novice Ridden Champion: Nipna Mighty Oak (K Common)

Reserve: Llanidan Bonheddwr (L MacKenzie)

NPS Scotland/Robinson Junior Ridden National Championship

Class 6 – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh A&B

1, Rosedust Class Act (A Watson)

2, Ceulan Steph (R Green)

3, Pinina Theodore (K Robertson)

Class 7 – Dales, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Connemara Welsh sec C, not exceeding 138cms

1, Starloch Red Robin (J Bleazard)

2, Kilmannan Victory (A Adam)

3, Parveadean Estelle (I Casely)

Class 8 – Dales, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Connemara Welsh sec C, 138cms – 148cms

1, Drummond Windy Cove (H Nicolson)

2, Glenbanchor Murdo (M Pirie)

3, Knockbridge Drumdun (J Kane)

Junior Ridden Champion: Rosedust Class Act (A Watson)

Reserve Champion: Ceulan Steph (R Green)

NPS/ Ringside Stud Mountain & Moorland Open Ridden National Championship

Class 9 – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland

1, Beinn Theine (M Gillon)

2, Harviestoun Parador (A Leavey)

Class 10 – Welsh Section A&B

1, Ceulan Steph (R Green)

2, Thistledown Lavendar (E Clarkson)

3, Mynach Party Spirit (D Hyslop)

Class 11 – New Forest, Connemara

1, Manor Willow (K Aird)

2, Knockbridge Drumdun (J Kane)

3, Walstead Page Boy ( McGee)

Class 12 – Fell, Dales, Highland

1, Dunedin Mascot (K Common)

2, Trailtrow Tearlach (K McMurray)

3, Jessicah Of Wooplaw

Class 13 – Welsh secs C&D

1, Parveadean Estelle (I Casely)

2, Parcybedw Sparkling Diamond (K Aird)

3, Coednewydd Quantum Leap (K Common)

Open Ridden Championship

Champion: Manor Willow (K Aird)

Reserve: Dunedin Mascot (K Common)

NPS/The Standinghat Stud and Show Team Ridden Mountain & Moorland Silver Medal Rosette Championship

Champion: Manor Willow (K Aird)

Reserve: Nipna Mighty Oak (K Common)

The NPS Scotland/Topspec Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter Pony National Championship

Class 1 4– Ponies not exceeding 122cms (12hh)

1, Littledean Morning Light (E Byrne)

2, Blackertor Burlington Bertie (A Thomson)

3, Maxwelltown Mehas (A MacKay)

Class 15 – Ponies exceeding 122cms (12hh) but not exceeding 133cms (13hh)

1, Littletree Heartbreaker (R Leslie)

2, Menai Ralph (A Rennie)

3, Northview Popcorn (M Parker)j

Class 16 – Ponies exceeding 133cms (13hh) but not exceeding 143cms (14hh)

1, Maesbrithidir Lady Gaga (A Conchie)

2, Llwyngell Llywelyn (K Fraser)

3, Cloontuskert Orga Mist (E Hewitson)

Class 17 – Ponies exceeding 143cms (14hh)

1, Gortnalea Boy (J Mahoney)

2, Doonagore Boy (A Conchie)

3, Owrtyn Dreamcatcher (H Keron)

Working Hunter Pony Champion: Littletree Heartbreaker (R Leslie)

Reserve: Gortnalea Boy (J Mahoney)

NPS/Horsequest Mountain & Moorland In-Hand Summer Championship

Class 18 – Connemara, Fell, Dales, New Forest, Welsh secs C&D, 4 years old and over

1, Eastlands Rashiebrae (J Staveley)

2, Thistledown Billy Elliot (A Robertson)

3, Kenboyd Sardonyx (L Fuller)

Class 19 – Highland, four years old and over

1, Trowan Pringle (J Jack)

2, Dunedin Fenella (S Hutcheon)

3, Moss-side Uilleam Mor (W Ralston)

Class 20 – Shetland, four years old and over

1, Milday Rubicon (M Davidson)

2, Rosehoy Of Transy (S Ross)

3, Cathkin Of Transy (S Ross)

Class 21 – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Welsh sections A &B, four years old and over

1, Wernderris Charlie Fox (E Meldrum)

2, Goldenwood Georgie Girl (L Cameron)

3, Springwater Music Master (A Nocol)

Senior Champion: Eastlands Rashiebrae (J Staveley)

Reserve: Trowan Pringle (J Jack)

Class 22 – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh sections A &B, three years old and under

1, Stelhoneybee Of Transey (S Ross)

2, Milday India Jane (R Beattie)

3, Hools Royal Pimms (R Campbell)

Class 23 – Connemara, Fell, Dales, Highland, New Forest, Welsh sections C &D, three years old and under

1, Strathallan Swallow (A Roberts)

2, Fourmerk Matilda (J Alexander)

3, Beatrice Of Strathmore (S MacIntosh)

Youngstock Champion: Strathallan Swallow (A Roberts)

Youngstock Reserve: Stelhoneybee Of Transey (S Ross)

Overall In Hand Championship

Champion: Eastlands Rashiebrae (D Staveley)

Reserve: Strathallan Swallow (A Roberts)

NPS Scotland Riding Pony and Hunter Pony In Hand Classes

Class 24 – Riding Ponies not exceeding 148cms at maturity. All ages

1, Maythornes Easter Dimension (V Mylius)

2, Tylo Lillie Langtry (E Hamilton)

3, Tylo Hot Like Me (L Gilbert)

Class 25 – Hunter Ponies not exceeding 153cms at maturity. All ages

1, Achilty Secret Agent (H MacDonald)

2, Aytounhill Cosette (K Russell)

3, Courageous Image (A Cole)

Riding/Hunter Pony In Hand Champion: Maythornes Easter Dimension (V Mylius)

Reserve: Achilty Secret Agent (H MacDonald)

NPS Scotland Mountain and Moorland Lead Rein and First Ridden Final

Class 26 – Mountain and Moorland Lead Rein

1, Dukeshill Dixie Darlin (H Farquar)

2, Afan Spy (O Stewart)

3, Rushfield Jura Li (C Anderson)

Class 27 – Mountain and Moorland First Ridden Final

1, Rosedust Class Act (A Watson)

2, Rookery Haribo (N White)

3, Rhencullen Rockette (J Craigie)

Mini Champion: Rosedust Class Act (A Watson)

Reserve: Dukeshill Dixie Darlin (H Farquhar)

HOYS/The Price Family Supreme In-Hand Semi Finals Horse or Pony of the Year

Champion: Trailtrow Tearlach (G McMurray)

Reserve: Harviestoon Perphidia (K Leavey)

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