Accessibility Information and Mobility Scooter Hire

Event Mobility is delighted to be providing electric scooters and manual wheelchairs for the use of disabled, elderly and mobility impaired visitors at the show.

To reserve an electric scooter or manual wheelchair please book online here. If you are in need of an electric scooter we strongly suggest reserving in advance.

Accessibility Information- 

The event site covers a very large area; we have separated this statement into the key areas.

Shopping Village
  • The majority of this area of the event is level grass.
  • Under normal conditions, mobility scooters and wheelchairs are able to negotiate the walkways.
  • In wet weather, the walkways in high traffic areas may become slippery or muddy.
  • Horses cross pedestrian walkways to access the arenas. Crossing Point Stewards supervise crossing points to ensure safety for both horses and spectators.
  • Points where horses cross pedestrian paths into arenas may become rutted, particularly in wet weather.
  • Trade stands in the Shopping Village are a mixture of structures, with some being directly on grass, others with raised flooring and some with exhibition trailers.
  • Access to individual trade stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor. A list of trade stands and contact details can be found on the Shopping Village page.
  • Disabled toilets are available around the venue and are marked on site maps.
  • The Main Arena has a viewing area for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. An additional seat can be provided for one accompanying visitor or carer.
  • Please speak with a member of staff at the adjacent Information Tent to gain access to the viewing area.
  • The secondary arenas have a low fence to allow seated spectators to have an unobstructed view.
  • A limited number of benches are available for use, free of charge, situated around all arenas.
Members, Sponsors & Hospitality Marquees
  • Access to the marquee must be booked in advance.
  • The marquees have flat, carpeted floors, with a small ramp at each entrance.
  • The private outdoor viewing area has an excellent view of the Main Arena, with a low rope fence for seated spectators.
  • Television monitors are situated in the marquees allow for viewing of the scoreboards.
  • Designated toilet facilities are situated adjacent to the marquee, including disabled facilities.
Cross-Country Course

The cross-country course can be divided into two sections for the purposes of access, Upper and Lower:

  • Lower
  • The Lower section of the cross-country course is mainly level grass. However, it is farmland and so is not smooth.
  • The Lower section of the cross-country course is accessible by mobility scooter.
  • Owing to the distances involved and rougher ground, the use of wheelchairs is inadvisable.
  • Crossing points are marked and supervised by Stewards, who will assist spectators to cross, if required.
  • Gateways and vehicle crossing points will become rutted in wet weather.
  • Accessible toilets are located around the cross-country course.
  • Upper
  • The Upper section of the course is accessible via several steep tracks.
  • The tracks are rough in places, with projecting stones and tree roots.
  • Unfortunately, none of the tracks are suitable for wheelchairs, or mobility scooters.
  • There is access from CP2 onto the cross-country course as far as the fence in the castle garden.
  • To access the section of the cross-country course beyond the castle garden and into the Deer Park, there is a flight of steps (12′) down from the castle wall.

There are a limited number of benches located around the event site, particularly around the arenas and in catering areas. We advise bringing a shooting stick or folding chair, particularly for visitors who venture onto the cross-country course.

Sickness or Injury

We have trained first aiders on site at all times. Please ask the nearest member of staff if help is required. It is necessary for staff to record details of all accidents and injuries.