About Eventing

Eventing is the ultimate equestrian challenge comprised of dressage, show jumping and cross country. It can be likened to a triathlon, with horses and riders demonstrating a range of skills across the three disciplines.

To compete successfully in eventing combinations must show harmony and rhythm in the dressage, balance and precision in the show jumping and accuracy and bravery in the cross country phase. The combination with the lowest penalty score at the end of the event is the winner.

As horses and riders move up the levels, the difficulty and technicality of the phases increases. Riders can compete from the year of their 12th birthday and there is no upper age limit. Find out more by following this link: https://www.britisheventing.com/about/what-is-eventing


The first phase, dressage , is the test of balance, rythm suppleness and cooperation between the rider and a horse. It is held in an enclosed arena where the pair demonstrates their abilities in front of the judges.






The second phase, cross-country, challenges rider’s and horse’s physical shape, bravery and common trust. It consists of approximately 12–20 fences (lower levels), or 30–40 at the higher levels, placed on a long outdoor circuit.



Show Jumping

The last phase , stadium jumping, tests technical jumping skills of the horse and rider pair, which includes suppleness, obedience, fitness, and athleticism. In this phase, 12–20 fences are set up in a ring.